How to Create Application Shortcut in Firefox

Generally, I use firefox as my default browser. Now, In IE9 and google chrome provide options to create application shortcuts.

Google Chrome : Tools >> create application short cut.
IE9 : Tools >> Add site to start menu.
Mozilla Firefox : ??? (I don’t know about create application shortcut.)

After googling I got a solution to create application short cut in firefox and it works for me. Go through below step to create application short cut in mozilla firefox.

step 1 : Click on start menu and just drag n drop firefox on your desktop. i.e. Create desktop shortcut for it.
step 2 : Right click on firefox and select properties. System will open one popup window. Like below snap shot.

step 3 : In target box give one space at the end of the statement and write your application url in it. See below snap to more understend.

step 4 : Apply and Ok. Your application shortcut is ready for use.
step 5 : For more understandability rename shortcut and change icon.

you can create more application shortcut using same method again.