Day 1: ColdFusion 10 Limit Number of Post Request Parameters to 100 By Default

Today started celebrating ColdFusion month with series of 30 blog posts on ColdFusion 10’s new feature and here first one. This is really not a new feature or enhancement but new administrator setting which may give 400 error (it’s not 404) project already running in older version of ColdFusion. In administrator new setting available "Maximum number of POST request parameter" which is default set to 100 means you can post maximum 100 parameter to ColdFusion on form submit. Normally 100 parameters are sufficient for any webpage but in my case I have very complex search page with numerous search parameters which exceed ColdFusion administrator limit and when try to submit page give 400 ColdFusion error. At first glance confuse with 404 error (seems Adobe change default error template). Even though I have onError method in Application.cfc to catch any ColdFusion error but seems this stopped at server level before executing my Application.cfc. To make sure page exists I had directly paste URL in browser and seems work fine and it drive me crazy, why it showing error while submitting the page????

Once I looked in server.log it states that "POST parameters exceeds the maximum limit 100 specified in the server. You can modify the setting in Administrator Server Settings." and realize this is new setting added in administrator. Just increase number to seems working fine now. You can find this setting in ColdFusion Administrator "Server Settings" >> "Setting" page.

Hope this helps.