ColdFusion Schedule Task Issue with Daily Every Task

Schedule task in ColdFusion is something I love most and I guess all ColdFusion developers are too. It is really easy to schedule any page to run for given specific date – time or periodically, even you can easily add it through code by CFSCHEDULE tag. For who are new to admin interface of schedule task it will look like below. In frequency there are three option 1. One-Time 2. Recurring 3. Daily Every, I think option caption itself mention what it will do. One common thing in all three options is you need to provide start time to tell schedule task runner when to start execution.

In daily every option we can provide start time and end time. I am in impression that if we do not provide "End Time" it will run indefinitely, no matter what start time is. For Ex. If we provide duration to run schedule every 5 minutes and start time is 8:00 AM from Apr 1, 2012 then first schedule will start on 1st Apr, 2012 at 8:00 AM but then onward it will keep running every 5 minutes of duration and here I was wrong. It will definitely start at 8:00 AM but will not continue to keep running instead midnight of that day and again resume on next day 8:00 AM. Means, my schedule task will not run during 12:00 AM to 7:59 AM. 

If you are really looking to run indefinitely then better option is provide start time to 12:01 AM.