ColdFusion Schedule Task Error: The Cron Service Is Not Available

Recently I face strang error in five years of career in ColdFusion. 
Message: "The Cron service is not available." 
Detail: "This exception is usually caused by service startup failure. Check your server configuration."

As per error detail my first step was restarting ColdFusion service but didn’t help but restarting service take more time than usual so decided to restart server assuming may resolved issue but result is same. After bit of Googling I found post on Nialls blog and help to solve this out. Real error was neo-cron.xml file was corrupted and due to this none of my schedule task was running and even not able to login into coldfusiong administrator. As Nialls mention in his post just restore neo-cron.xml from backup but in my case there was no backup on of cron files so I have added it from my development computer and restart service. Seems working fine, I can login to ColdFusion administrator now but I lost all my schedule task. On this server I have more than 25 schedule task, thanks God I was always using CFM script to generate schedule task.