Chatbots – The rise of smart automation

Programming rules to use variety of data sets creates artificial intelligence environment to develop a smart chatbot. Client-side chat interface delivers the capability for consumers to interact with chatbots. Deployment can be anything on main website, Mobile App, Hybrid deployment to an element for digital marketing strategy.


Technically there are two types of chatbots can be developed. 1. Using functions based set of rules & 2. Using Machine Learning as AI Chatbots. There are plenty of basic and advanced technology platforms to build chatbots for smart automation of business operations.


Chatbots are replacing human agents for Customer Service, Product Support, Sales & Ordering. Chatbots are termed as the rise of smart automation mainly for retail eCommerce and other online business environment.


Chatbots influences for eCommerce Business :


Intelligent Customer-service:

Communication is the key to success as rightly so conversation it way for good customer service. Instead of live agent Chatbot helps the customer for anything related to respective product and service. Chatbots become more intelligent with machine learning to deliver intelligent customer-service role at best. There are tech companies already delivered solution as learning chatbot for global ecommerce business.


Better Online Merchandising:

Online retailers often changing the merchandizing strategy to increase product line sales in this scenario product recommendations are among the most powerful form of online merchandising. Machine Learning on product sales data, consumer behaviors auto change strategy based on real time data sets to deliver appropriate product recommendations that improve conversion rates.

ChatBots plays a role for better online merchandising with artificial intelligence capabilities.




Improving Product Search:

One of the basic bot function get smarter with smart filter algorithm is the way deliver most appropriate search result for product search for online customers, Yes Chatbots help to improve product search capabilities with click rates, conversion rates, customer ratings, product information, inventory, profit margins.

Advance machine learning using targeted data sets to get the smart search results improve the product search out of thousands of products and multiple categories.


Auto Pricing Control:

Achieving product specific sales goal become atomize, Learning algorithms to analyze and understand pricing trends, product demand, and customer behavior to determine the just-right price for an item.

Online retailers frequently involve in price war with competitors mainly on market places. Learning price management helping the business for real time auto pricing control based on the current trends, competitors and consumer need.


Decision Making Process:

Most decision making based on reports and analytics, reports that contains specific information. Machine learning contribute to eCommerce decision making commonly most of the following operational area.

  • Product price or service cost
  • Demand prediction
  • Market forecast and price
  • Product classification and keywords
  • Inventory and reordering
  • Shipping and packing costs
  • Product specific loss
  • Segmenting Customer base
  • Product categorization
  • Loss and profits


Fraud Detection and Prevention:

Very large online retailers are often facing issue regarding online fraud that cost loss of revenue. So smart fraud detection and loss prevention is the way to protect but it seems quite expensive for small retailers to get solution at an affordable cost.


ChatBot is an integrated solution for online fraud detection and prevention solution, Predictive backend algorithm and smart rules using real time behavior data patterns make the system more useful to prevent such fraudulent activities.


Automation process is all about to implement the technology solution for the business and become a necessity. The key is deciding when the initial investment, whether that be the time in setting up processes or money in investing in new software, will be worth the return.


ChatBots are relatively taking place for eCommerce business the way beyond just as virtual assistance for automation There are many ways to develop and deploy based on the need, just like the rise of smart automation.


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