CFWindow with Local Content, Remote Content and Javascript

Coldfusion 8 has introduced cfwindow tag. It is used to create pop up window in browser without creating any separate browser window instance. cfwindow can be used in different ways.

1. CFWindow with local content.

[code:cf]<cfwindow name="cfwinpage" title="cfwindow1">
<h1>CFWindow with local content</h1>

2. CFWindow with remote content.

[code:cf]<cfwindow name="remotecfwindow"
title="cfwindow with remote content"
source="remotewindow.cfm" />[/code]

3. CFWindow with JavaScript.

function init(){
ColdFusion.Window.create(‘cfWin’,’CF Window Example Using javascript’,’remotewindow.cfm’,{x:100,y:100,height:400,weight:400});