cfajaxproxy issue with ColdFusion 9.0.1

I was really happy when I heard about coldfusion 9.0.1 update and specially because of Amazon S3 could support. Recently I have started working with Amazon S3 Cloud service and writing function for all API call, when I see that new update for ColdFusion having amazon S3 cloud support and I can not stop myself to update it on my development server and my hard time start from here.

In first attempt when I install it everything went smooth and got DONE buttong (hurreeey…) but in next second I realize there now ColdFusion is not working. Showing "The DataSource service is not available" for all coldfusion application. I digg arround the net and found to replace neo-query.xml file (this was for older version) but in CF9 I didn’t found same file at all so this didn’t work for me. There were 5 programmers sitting idle just due to this error so I have only one option to uninstall ColdFusion and reinstall it and it works fine. Again I gambled to install update but this time work fine (Lucky I am).

Everything is working fine now and suddnly I have noticed that some of pages cfgird doesn’t work because of we have customized using ExtJs classes. Just later half an hour found another issue with cfajaxproxy, whenever I tried to call cfc function through cfajaxproxy I got below error.
"The ID parameter to the changeassign function is required but was not passed in. ", I understand this error but issue is this was working fine CF 9 and I have double check coding and everything wasok. After little digging into problem I found that coldfusion pass [object object] as url parameter instead of {id:1,assignto:’xyz’} kind of value.

As a temprory solution I have copied CFIDE/SCRIPT folder of coldfusion 9 (I had taken backup of cfide folder before update) to my webroot and remove virtual directory cfide pointing to coldfusion.

Hope this help. Also Let me know if anyone facing same issue and find solution.