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BOT Development

In general, BOT stands for Build, Operate and Transfer. BOTs are artificial intelligence systems that interact with users via messaging, text, voice or speech. ChatBot is a software program that automate the conversation with users in natural language, understands the intent of the user, and sends a response based on business rules and specific data sets of the organization, service, products etc. Intelligent technologies such as text-to-speech, automatic speech recognition, natural language processing, artificial intelligence, machine learning that simulate human conversation and dialogues to automate customer support channels, Business Operation, DevOps Management, and as personal virtual assistants.


Deployment channels such as Chat Apps, Messaging Apps, Cloud Networks, SMS, and email clients are where ChatBot live and interact with end users. Third-party ChatBots are brands and businesses that a customer may use for anything related service or product support to end users.


iSummation build and deliver custom BOT using the most leading technology platforms for mobile and desktop webs for business need.

80% businesses hope to have ChatBots for interacting with customers by 2020

ChatBots will fundamentally revolutionize how computing is experienced by everybody - Satya Nadella, CEO Microsoft

Businesses are beginning to see the benefits of using ChatBots for their consumer-facing products, according to a survey by Oracle.

Why BOT?

BOT Automation






BOT Productivity



Savings with BOT


Cost Savings


Technology empower the modern business operations for better productivity, automation, engagement and operational cost savings. Now it is possible to fully automate customers interactions with Robots – popularly known as BOT. Mostly customers need help or support in relation to respective products and services using various support channels using smart phones, laptops, tablet or desktop computers. BOT are programmatically configured as virtual assistant to replace humans to provide customers help, support, training, information that also include speech and natural language processing.


BOT software brings the automation and efficiency purely programmatically using machine learning based on the business requirement. There are many different BOT Development platforms now available to build customized BOT for your business.


Build a BOT for Product Help & Support, eCommerce Customer Support, Virtual Assistance, Enterprise BOT, Application & IoT Interfaces, Games & Toys and more…

Ultimately, “BOTs mean Business” as per FaceBook.

BOT Platforms & Deployment

World’s major technology firms Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon, IBM provide BOT technology platforms and development frameworks. There are also BOT platforms like Slack BOT, Telegram BOT, WhatsApp, WeChat. Among those iSummation primarily offering to work on FB Messenger, Google DialogFlow,Microsoft LUIS, IBM Watson and AWS Lex as preferred BOT development technology Platforms.

Facebook BOT


Facebook BOT


A BOT engine called and API provide highly customization and extensive capability to build FB messenger ChatBOT, most useful for marketing on mobile digital space. Most commonly used to build ChatBOT.


Dialogflow AI and SDK to build custom ChatBot with external integration to Google Assistant, FB Messenger, Amazon Alexa, Slack. Also provide mobile deployment on firebase.

Slack BOT


Slack BOT



Slack API and BotKit for custom BOT development with real time messaging and external linking with other apps. Slack ChatBot empowers marketing with active Slack Users.





Amazon Lex


Amazon Lex provide conversational interfaces API with deep learning functionalities of automatic speech recognition (ASR) and natural language understanding (NLU) and deployment on AWS Cloud.


LUIS provide cognitive API sets and BOT framework capability to integrate with Skype, Slack, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Webchat, GroupMe, SMS and email. Deployment on Microsoft Azure Cloud.



IBM Watson



Watson AI Platform provides BOT development environment and deployment on BlueMix Cloud. Specialized service Watson Discovery, Conversion, Visual Recognition to use for custom BOT Build.


BOT by Usage Type

BOT are powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) programmatically using various technologies and techniques based on the scope and requirements specifications for mobile and desktop clients. BOT are classified primarily in below categories based on usage.

Chat BOT

ChatBots for customer service helping businesses to automate sales, customer service support for any service or product. Trained ChatBots take on the personality, character and style of your brand to provide better personalized support for brand experience.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Interactive conversational devices provide endless virtual capabilities to work around almost for everything, Internet of Things (IoT) creates innovative and variety types of conversational products from cars to wearables devices and intelligent BOTs for various usage.

Informational BOT

An application to deliver variety type of information such as news, weather, flieght, hotels, tourism information, search or find entities or location. BOT interacts based on the information integration with external source of data set for many different usages.

Call Center BOT

Virtual Agents to automate customer interaction using text chat or voice chat for sales and customer support at a large scale to eliminate long quieting for support channel like chat / phone. BOT are highly trained on operational functions to automate the entire process.

Application BOT

A software application to automate tasks like access bank account, hotel booking, Buy Tickets, Scheduling, Ordering Food, Calling for service. BOT Application provide capability for user management, authentication, syncing to multiple devices.

Enterprise BOT

BOT that streamline common work activities and improve organizational efficiencies. Integrate with external enterprise applications to get information in real time that help employee to perform and manage tasks quickly than ever with partial automation process.

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