Node.js Best eCommerce Platforms

It’s more than three decades since the eCommerce development actively started and evolved gradually with many open source CMS platforms. Since over five years responsiveness and mobile eCommerce Apps are now dominating eCommerce development.   eCommerce helps in overcoming the barriers of time and distance, thereby improving your business. Retail business sharply turned online with powerful eCommerce Development technologies in use.   Now, MEAN Stack is technology sta
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 Admin User     May, 03 2018

Agile Development - A sensitive practice to neutralize advantages

More Commonly or most popularly it is known that agile is the methodology with very less scope or even no document process to initiate software development but Agile stand out to be more flexible to decide with multiple variable development practices based on project Scope, Requirements, Time, Cost etc. Further in this article will read about unidentified sensitive concerns those may affect in neutralizing advantages between product stakeholders and development entity.  
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 Admin User     Mar, 29 2018

Agile Development Key Advantages

Agile is more likely a philosophical approach towards software development then just a methodology. It is smartly avoiding proscription in its precise phrasing which accepts individual client values over the process, focusing over working software over documentation, working closely in collaboration than just project contract negotiation, responding to change adopt over just following a plan.
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 Admin User     Jan, 18 2018

Best Platforms and Tools to build powerful Chatbots

The world’s top most and leading consumer retail brands have already adopted chatbots for advance engagement on sales, customer service experience for their service ranges and product lines. A decade ago it was like having a website became a standard need for every business, now same as chatbots must for every business. Chatbots become essential not just for sales or support but as a part of marketing strategy implementation that empowers real time interaction virtually at any time
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 Admin User     Dec, 28 2017

Chatbots - The rise of smart automation

Programming rules using variety of data sets creates artificial intelligence environment to develop a smart chatbot. Client-side chat interface delivers the capability for consumers to interact with chatbots. Deployment can be anything on main website, Mobile App, Hybrid deployment to an element for digital marketing strategy.   Technically there are two types of chatbots can be developed. 1. Using functions based set of rules & 2. Using Machine Learning as AI Chatbots. There are plen
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 Admin User     Dec, 01 2017

DevOps Adoption and Practice

DevOps mainly comprising Development, Operations, Security, Testing and Deployment. An emerging set of practices for communication, collaboration and integration between IT operations and software development. DevOps practice establish the work environment and culture where software building, testing, release handled with improved methodology for right product achievement and operations together. Business and industries are now sharply transforming globally with the use of internet and software
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 Admin     Oct, 12 2017

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