May 20, 2011
To prevent request which is send through ajax

Hello Friends,

Today I have found something interesting thing to prevent our request which is send through Ajax. I am not sure it is working on older browser. I have just tested on IE 7 or above, Firefox 4 and Chrome 11. For hide request which is send through Ajax just add below code after each Ajax request ...

By Bharat Patel
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May 20, 2011
Javascript and Numbers


Once I wonder that why the I got the 10 value in my javascript variable x in the following example.

var x = 1 + 011;

After, googling some times I got that it was a radix param issue [More].

While parsing into the number javascript assumes the following ...

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May 9, 2011
Sql Server Query Performance Tuning

Hello Friends,

Try to avoid function (user defined or inbuild) in where condition of sql query as it is always overlook indexing created on tables and taking much longer time to execute in case of table having large number of rows (over million)

Have a look below query. How to avoid date range condition? I hope it may be helpful to you ...

By Bharat Patel
Tags: SqlServer
May 7, 2011
Installing Ubuntu Server 11.04 64bit on Hyper-V

Installing Ubuntu 11.04 server 64bit on Hyper-V is very straight forward but does require some manual editing before it work like charm. Mainly adding some lines for Hyper-V drivers & Virtual network support. I have created all steps screenshot so that it's easy to follow. First of all, you have to download Ubuntu 11.04 (Natty Narwhal) 64bit form Ubuntu website.

By Narendra Patel
Tags: Natty-Narwhal, Ubuntu-Server-64-bit, Windows-Server-2008-R2-Hyper-V
April 22, 2011
jQuery multiple selection

Hello Friends, Today, I am very glad to announce finally I have made jQuery multi selection plug-in. I am really thankful to my one of friend who gives me such a nice idea and also thanks to Mr. Pritesh Patel who provides guideline to do better. Now, in your mind one question arise. What is jQuery multi selection plug-in? jQuery multi selection plug-in is such a very useful plug-in and simple to use. Features of jQuery Multi Selection Plug-in: It's fully ajax base. ...

By Bharat Patel
Tags: jQuery
April 13, 2011
Mobile theme and theme switcher for Mango Blog.

Since couple of days I was reviewing jQuery Mobile and really impress with work it make it easy for us. Now it was time to create practical implementation of it. Since long time I was looking for mobile theme for our blog but didn't find any and I believe it is because of Mango Blog doesn't allow us to switch theme (skin) on request also looking into code I realise that all skin related information stored at Application level and changing for any visitor will affect everyone who visit blog.

To make Mango blog for mobile device compatible I created one theme using jQuery Mobile and plugin to change theme whenever request come from mobile device.

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March 11, 2011
Installing coldfusion 9 on ubuntu server in virtualbox

In this week decided to install ColdFusion on Linux (Ubuntu) on Amazon EC2. As I am very new to Linux and having very limited knowledge about its command and installation process I have first decided to install it on local machine so choose VirtualBox for installation. After finish with Ubuntu installation my first chalange was how do I share windows directory in guest machine. After bit of googling I found very nice article from Joerg and help me out to work with sharing folder. Although ...

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February 25, 2011
Load balancing with Apache Tomcat on ColdFusion standard version

This one is actually part-ii of my first blog “Running multiple tomcat instances with Coldfusion standard version - Part I” but to make it more meaningful I have changed title of this Post.

In previous post we have run single site on two instance of tomcat and on different port. Now time to run both instance under single website URI with load balancing for high availability under Apache server.

Let's install Apache http server using downloaded .msi, to avoid security issue and spacing in path I prefer to install “C:\Apache2.2” [APACHE_HOME] and make sure it is pointing to port 80. Once finish with installing browse URL http://localhost to make sure Apache server is configured and running correctly. To perform load balancing on two tomcat instance download mod_jk. Use Binary releases link and choose your appropriate platform and download file Copy it to APACHE_HOME/modules folder and rename it to

Tags: Apache, ColdFusion, ColdFusion9, LoadBalancing
February 25, 2011
Running multiple tomcat instances with Coldfusion standard version - Part I

Since couple of weeks I was working with Railo and ColdFusion 9 (standard edition) to clustering and load balancing. I have started with Railo as I was new to Railo and keen to work around it. I wrote several post about Railo installation
Installing RAILO Tomcat on windows step by step
Installing RAILO Tomcat on windows step by step - part ii
Running multiple instances of RAILO on tomcat.

Now it turn of ColdFusion for load balancing. I have googled it about but mostly found articles with enterprise edition and it is easy to implement but I want to work with developer/standard edition. Below is step by step instruction to running multiple ColdFusion (standard edition) instances on one computer.

Tags: Apache, ColdFusion, ColdFusion9
February 10, 2011
Running multiple instances of RAILO on tomcat.

Week ago I wrote blog about " Installing RAILO with Tomcat " this is what I have first time installed RAILO on my PC. After getting success in that I tried to run multiple instances of RAILO for different site and even single site. Below is step by step guide to create multiple instance of RAILO. Note: I assume that reader has already gone through my first blog on installing RAILO on Tomcat. Copy RAILO jar files into tomcat folder under "railojars". Open ...

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