Creating Spreadsheet with Google App Script

In my last blog, I mentioned that we'll explore the possibilities with Google App Script (GAS) to create a spreadsheet. In this post, I'll show my thoughts on how to create Spreadsheet with the help of JSON file.

By Vikas Patel
Tags: ColdFusion, spreadsheet, Google App Script
Tackling timeout issue with creating Spreadsheet using ColdFusion POI utility

Timeout is a well know issue not only with POI spreadsheet, but it applies to process which consumes resources. As the data grows, you'll need more CPU power and more memory. If you are using MS SQL or MY SQL, then you must have created a query with paging concept. Limiting number of records per request will help you to get rid of the timeout issues.

Our client runs a daily report for their business. As their business grow, report data also grows and this leads a timeout issue. On database side, we were already using paginated query and the query was fine tuned with database indexing.  Our report runs that query and collect all data to be exported in excel file. We are using ColdFusion POI utility to create an excel file. POI provides numbers of features for formatting with custom tag approach.

By Vikas Patel
Tags: poi utility, spreadsheet
Reset MURA ADMIN password in case of loosing it, or you forget recovery email of the MURA ADMIN.

Reset MURA ADMIN password in case of loosing it, or you forget recovery email of the MURA ADMIN.

Recently I face the problem with login into MURA CMS admin panel. A day before I set the MURA site with the memorable password, Even I note that password.
But on the next day when I try to login. Simply reject it. I have tried for few more times and it block my account for some time say 10 Min. I have tried to recover from Forget Your Password? option, But I am enable to get the mail due to some issue with sending mail.

By Parixit Jani.
Tags: RAILO, Mura CMS, ColdFusion9
Data source rejected establishment of connection, message from server: "Too many connections" error with mySQL and RAILO 4.2.1

Recently updated to RAILO latest patch 4.2.1, though I was using its beta version and was working fine in development environment. Reason it was working well because I was only visiting my website so there were no connection issue with MySQL. But when I go released version so hoping to update it on our production server as well. Before going to production tried to load test using JMeter and working fine initially with low traffic but as I increased higher number of users (basically thread) start getting Data source rejected establishment of connection, message from server: "Too many connections" issue. Though production site was working fine with previous version 4.1.x without any kind of such issue so most probably RAILO wasn't releasing connection or not reusing it. 

Adding new font to PDF using CFDOCUMENT in RAILO

CFDOCUMENT is really useful tag for generating PDF report but client always need customization and need different font. ACF allow separate font management tab in ColdFusion administrator where you can add additional font that you want to use but unfortunately this feature not available on RAILO. While googling on this I have found feature already requested on RAILO bug tracker but yet not available. Also got Google group discussion where it was mention that how you can manually add font for CFDOCUMENT.

By Pritesh
The fault returned when invoking .Net webservice through ColdFusion.

Recently working with remote webservice call build on .Net platform and calling from ColdFusion and it return following error The fault returned when invoking the web service operation.

For blogging I have use open .Net webservice to generate barcode for given string. As generateBarCode function taking two argument and first one is complex type which obviously need to pass as structure as per ColdFusion specification.

By Pritesh
Client Variables in ColdFusion is Good or Bad?

Client variables is storage method to persist information with a client and application and saved between user sessions. Normally I look as an alternative of session variables to store data. Main difference between session and client is we have option to choose storage of client variables.
Client variables offers following storage:

  1. Registry
  2. Cookie
  3. Database
By Pritesh Patel
Tags: ColdFusion, Client Variables
Getting javax.mail.MessagingException: Could not connect to SMTP host: xxxxxxx, port: 465, response: -1 error in ColdFusion

Well, error indicates that could not connect to SMTP host and this was driving me crazy because I have double-tripple check setting and look everything good and graph of my craziness goes high when I found it does work most of the time and sometime it get fails. Contacted with mail service provider and he confirmed everything OK on his side. 

By Pritesh Patel
Tags: ColdFusion
Setup MURA CMS under subfolder on Railo Ubuntu

Recently I was working with site migration from windows to ubuntu server. Normally everything goes smoother except case sensitivity of file name. While working with window we never take care about file name case since it doesn't matter in window. Although we use standard for file naming but mistake will not reveal. After renaming file name accordingly everything work fine except one project. In this project I was running ColdBox framework in root folder for all kind of administrative work or business management and there was a folder /website which contain front public website. Front website running under MURA cms. When we move to RAILO and UBUNTU home page load correctly but rest of pages showing 404 error.

By Pritesh
Tags: RAILO, Mura CMS, Tomcat
Block drag & drop image OR direct image paste into CKEditor using Firefox

Hello friends,

I am mostly uses Firefox browser for any developing stuff and I am facing an issue with CKEditor.

CKEditor allows you to direct copy & paste or drag & drop image into CKEditor body area using Firefox browser and it will embed image as base 64 encoded image into the CKEditor body. When you see the actual source code of paste image, it will look like...

By Mahavir Dhruv
Tags: CKEditor, FireFox