Create Dynamic Forms using Angular

Learn using Angular how to build a simple dynamic form that can be easily extended based on the requirement. We will create dynamic form component that will allow the user to provide configuration object and will render the form according to provided object and will expose the form submit event.
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 Niral     Sep, 14 2017

Perform INNER JOIN in MongoDB using $lookup aggregation operator

In MongoDB 3.2 has introduced $lookup operator in aggregation framework which can be utilized to perform LEFT JOIN. Please note that MongoDB data operation is not like operating data in relational database so it is always advisable to have relevant data to be within the same document those often using together. But in a certain case, it is required to put in two different collections due to various like, to avoid data duplication for which we have heavy update operations, use in multiple collect
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 Pritesh     Aug, 31 2017

AngularJS 1 and Angular 2 - interesting comparison

Angular JS is now well-known javascript framework, now let us quickly know more about Angular for comparison. What is AngularJS? AngularJS is not a library. It's framework. It has lots of advantages in terms of developing an advanced web application in JavaScript. Before Angular introduced it used to be very tough to manage web application in JavaScript. There are some other frameworks also available in the market but I recommended AngularJS. Why? Of course, there are many advanced and ric
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 Admin User     Aug, 31 2017

PhantomJS timeout error fixed in Node-Pdf from NPM

We tried using node-pdf from NPM - JavaScript Package Manger to generate PDF file from HTML file. node-pdf take HTML source as an input and return PDF file. A requirement to generate PDF format file for Photo files comprising multiple image format, So the purpose to convert photos into PDF format.  
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 Rajni     Aug, 24 2017

Orientation Issue with iOS Image Upload

Initially, we are facing an issue for some photos that are uploaded on website and uploaded photos rotated (left, right or vertically) automatically. Later we found the actual issue and there is an issue with photos capture on iPhone by rotating phone and that are rotated after uploads.
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 Admin User     Aug, 17 2017

Orientation Issue with iOS Image Upload (Part-2)

Just recently in the past a blog published on image orientation issue with iOS image upload, after that  we again experienced similar type of issue once previously image orientation issue already fixed for lucee CFML. Again, Carried a few test methods to reach up to cause of the strange issue, finally found the cause and solution to fix it.
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 Mahavir     Aug, 17 2017

Convert Audio-Video files into Mp3 Audio and Mp4 Video using FFMPEG Commands

Initially, searched to find best available multimedia frameworks to meet the requirement. But ultimately just got along with FFMPEG multimedia framework which provides command line tool to convert audio-video files extensions into Mp3 Audio and Mp4 Video.
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 Parixit Jani     Aug, 10 2017

Character Encoding Issue with Nodejs

Recently we faced many issues with character encoding in Nodejs. We came across the iconv module and this post explains how we handled those issues.
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 Vikas Patel     Aug, 09 2017

Enterprise Mobility - Operations on the Go

The world become virtually boundary less in a global business term, Now the most recent technology revolution is an adaption of mobility as the most disruptive technology for enterprises across the globe. Mobile implementation becomes more vital for operational efficiency and meeting the new age business requirements.
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 Admin User     Aug, 04 2017

Deploying Lucee on Docker

Finally, decided to play with Docker and Lucee for one of our project which we are trying to move eventually in Linux platform and believe me it was fun. Here are steps to getting started with Lucee, Docker and Window 10.  Download dockers windows version from and install it by following the user-friendly wizard. Once installed you should see Docker icon loaded with containers
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 Admin User     Jul, 14 2017

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