Using middlewares in Node.js apps

Middlewares are cores behind Node.js route handling. Middlewares allow developers to manipulate request and response object. Authentication, Error-handling, and logging functionalities are mostly implemented using the middleware functions. In this blog post, you will get the basic idea of middleware and its usage in the Node.js apps.
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 Niral     Dec, 14 2017

Backup and Restore MySQL DB using mysqldump command line tool

MySQL Workbench and there plenty of great GUI tool and allows you to work with various database related functionality including backup/restore but in a certain case, we may not able to use GUI tool. For an example, Need to perform operation command line server or to make automation like sync my production database to test database before performing test via automation tool)
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 Pritesh     Dec, 07 2017

Coldfusion CFQUERY serializeJSON with key and value

Development techniques are varied depend on developer, somewhat many techniques remains undocumented until developer shares it. Let us share something about CFQUERY in Lucee CFML. Modern web apps are moving on Ajax based development includes AngularJS, ReactJS, VeuJS and a few more.   API solution primarily requires JSON based response (It is not about XML), JSON based response to convert CFQUERY object into JSON object. While converting into JSON using SerializeJSON() function,
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 Bharat     Dec, 01 2017

Chatbots - The rise of smart automation

Programming rules using variety of data sets creates artificial intelligence environment to develop a smart chatbot. Client-side chat interface delivers the capability for consumers to interact with chatbots. Deployment can be anything on main website, Mobile App, Hybrid deployment to an element for digital marketing strategy.   Technically there are two types of chatbots can be developed. 1. Using functions based set of rules & 2. Using Machine Learning as AI Chatbots. There are
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 Admin User     Dec, 01 2017

Tackling Timeout Issue with Creating Spreadsheet Using ColdFusion POI Utility

Timeout is a well know issue not only with POI spreadsheet, but it applies to process which consumes resources. As the data grows, you'll need more CPU power and more memory. If you are using MS SQL or MY SQL, then you must have created a query with paging concept. Limiting number of records per request will help you to get rid of the timeout issues. Our client runs a daily report for their business. As their business grow, report data also grows and this leads a timeout issue. O
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 Vikas Patel     Nov, 30 2017

Writing Test Cases using TestBox for ColdFusion Application

There are multiple testing techniques we use for software code testing, most common are Unit Testing, Model Testing, Functional Testing, Handler Testing, System Testing, Regression Testing etc. Usually full testing to follow by writing specific test cases as depend on testing technique and tools that you use.   Testing for Coldfusion software application can be done through "TestBox" - A testing framework for ColdFusion (CFML) that provide a clean syntax to write test cases
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 Parixit Jani     Nov, 09 2017

Big Data Tools and Technologies

Tools and Technologies are always in demand to meet modern enterprise’s requirements. Now, modern enterprises mostly rely on real-time, predictive, and integrated insights on data science and its life cycle. Data creation and consumption continues to grow by leaps and bounds investing in data scientists, big data analytic hardware, software and services for continuing education. Let us see leading big data tool and technologies based analysis by experts.
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 Analyst     Nov, 06 2017

DevOps Adoption and Practice

DevOps mainly comprising Development, Operations, Security, Testing and Deployment. An emerging set of practices for communication, collaboration and integration between IT operations and software development. DevOps practice establish the work environment and culture where software building, testing, release handled with improved methodology for right product achievement and operations together. Business and industries are now sharply transforming globally with the use of internet and softwa
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 Admin     Oct, 12 2017

Export HTML to Word using docx4j in lucee CFML

It is very easy to export plain HTML text data to embed and export as word document. In CFML there is an inbuilt tag <cfcontent /> to use for exporting data to word document if there is no customization in content and it is just like Paste and Go for plain format type as shown in below example. However, if there is a need to export header or footer data to embed and generate word docs then there is no inbuilt tag in CFML to get the solution. So, I have used docx4j JAVA Library that
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 Naresh Patel     Oct, 05 2017

Async/Await, Modern way of writing nodejs code

The biggest problem with understanding the nodejs code is to follow the callbacks. Probably reading out someone else's code is the hardest job for any developer. Nodejs adopted to write down callbacks for each and every task to achieve maximum parallelism. But this is the most pinching part of any newbie to understand.
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 Vikas Patel     Sep, 28 2017

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