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Four years ago I had several technology partners. Since the past 4 years I am working with iSummation exclusively. I have only positive things to say as their work is outstanding

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We are a web application development & IT outsourcing company providing custom solutions to our clients for over 12 years. Our expertise has gained us a strong clientele across the globe in multiple industry domains. We work on web application development, maintenance, integration and migration
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A highly custom set of applications deployed for REO Allegiance take care of their core and secondary business activities. The contract management module application has three consoles: In house, client and contract interface.

Contractors of REO Allegiance interact with the company through its web application. Contractor visits properties and takes photos. Once he comes back, he uploads them so that administrative team can review them, Besides Photo They need to create and submit documents, bids, and updates on their job work. This can be done through his desktop or Laptop.

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Custom Application development in ColdFusion, Flex Programming, IT Staffing, Application Maintenance & Migration

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Online Point of Sales Software for Rental Systems, Video Rental POS Software

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> PayPal (World)
> Billmelater (USA)
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> MyGate, Myvirtual (South Africa)
> Mobipay (Africa)
Hardware Integration
NAS drive, Printer, Scanner, Camera, Bar Code reader, signature reader

In general, it is popularly known that agile is the methodology with very less scope or even no document process to initiate software development but Agile stand out to be more flexible to decide with multiple variable development practices based on project variables and requirements. Right from initial business and system analysis to planning the development stages, resources, and team, adopting certain sprints or iterations in line with the full-scale tentative projection leading towards smooth development process, achieving quality software product.

A month ago I have posted the testbox example for unit testing and promise to post a example of handler testcase using testbox.

I found significant difference in the handler test case. Like it's bit difficult to use and access mock of any model, Like we mock the model in unit testing. Also handler testing interect with the database.