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iSummation truly employs Expert ColdFusion Developers and ColdFusion Programmers to meet the demand as dedicated ColdFusion resources for many external and internal mission critical projects to count on as we are highly experienced, passionate and dedicated team of ColdFusion Experts.


Get hired ColdFusion Programmers, ColdFusion Developers, Lucee Developers, ColdFusion Technical Support for your new or existing project work as require. Share all your specific need to begin the hiring process straight away with confidence.


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CF Expertise & Experience

It’s almost two decades of long journey in term of anything about ColdFusion Development, Maintenance, Support or Migration.


CF Quality & Cost

Experience a quality ColdFusion Programming while even keeping your cost lowest possible in compare to onshore development and resource cost.


CF Flexibility & Agility

Developers flexible approach to better understand every requirement for the best agile development experience while engaging with any client


A company, Enterprise or an individual already on ColdFusion based Web App, Product or IT solution and looking for new development, support, enhancement or development from scratch then iSummation would be the best source of hiring expert ColdFusion Programmers at an experienced level as require the most.

Key Advantages of hiring ColdFusion Experts from us

  • Experienced, Skillful and Dedicated Developers
  • Instant availability, easy connectivity
  • Easy hiring for quality programming
  • Direct communication with Developers
  • High mutual space for better engagement
  • Highly Flexible and Responsive Approach

Get Hired ColdFusion Expert on hourly, full-time or fixed project work to meet your ColdFusion based specific requirement for your all current, legacy or future project work.

Latest Blogs

Change Title of CFWindow after creating

Admin User | Dec, 31 2018

Hello Friends, CFWindow has attribute for giving title to window. Once it is created, we can use it multiple time for different purposes with same title otherwise we need to create it again if we want to change title. Using setTitle function there is no need to create again. We can just change window title name runtime. Have a look at code below ...

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Remove duplicate elements from the list using coldfusion

Admin User | Dec, 31 2018

Hi All, List’s function is very useful in ColdFusion technology. We often use lists in our code but sometime we find duplicate elements in the list and we need to remove it. Here is the simple function to remove duplicate elements from list. Have a look at below code I hope it will helpful for you ...

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Running Multiple Tomcat Instances with Coldfusion Standard Version - Part I

Admin User | Feb, 15 2018

I am an enthusiastic ColdFusion Developer since over 8 years, love working on CodlFusion like an expert, earlier I used to work with Railo and ColdFusion 9 (standard edition) to clustering and load balancing. I had started with Railo as I was new to Railo and keen to work around it. I wrote several post about Railo installation   Installing RAILO Tomcat on windows step by step Installing RAILO Tomcat on windows step by step - part ii Running multiple instances of RAILO on tomcat. &nb

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Tackling Timeout Issue with Creating Spreadsheet Using ColdFusion POI Utility

Admin User | Nov, 30 2017

Timeout is a well know issue not only with POI spreadsheet, but it applies to process which consumes resources. As the data grows, you'll need more CPU power and more memory. If you are using MS SQL or MY SQL, then you must have created a query with paging concept. Limiting number of records per request will help you to get rid of the timeout issues. Our client runs a daily report for their business. As their business grow, report data also grows and this leads a timeout issue. On d

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Managing ColdFusion Code Formatting

Admin User | Jun, 05 2017

Since I use eclipse as ColdFusion editor, I have installed cfeclipse plug-in for ColdFusion. I got two issues which makes me writing this blog post. One is slowing down editing of large file in cfeclipse and proper code formatting which improves readability.

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