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 Vikas Patel     Feb,08 2017

Creating Spreadsheet with Google App Script

In my last blog, I mentioned that we'll explore the possibilities with Google App Script (GAS) to create a spreadsheet. In this post, I'll show my thoughts on how to create Spreadsheet with the help of JSON file.

GAS has number of functionality. We can write a script that reads a JSON file from Google Drive, and create a Spreadsheet from that JSON file. I prefer JSON file because we can utilize this GAS script to work with other programming languages. JSON file will have a specification for each cell.

First I wrote a ColdFusion code to produce a JSON file. This code however needs to talk with Google Drive. I'll cover this on my next post. Here is the TryCF gist

Once you have JSON file, you can have a code to upload it on Google Drive. Then you'll need to have a code to run our Google App script.

Notice that as of now, I am editing existing sheet just because I am in testing phase. Once the full integration is completed we will create new Spreadsheet (ss) every time. Once the ss is ready we can write a code to download it from ColdFusion code.

This is how the spreadsheet will look like:


We can create a JSON format to communicate with GAS and have GAS to apply formatting based on JSON specification. In my next post, I'll come up with how to automate this process.