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REO Allegiance is a fast growing player in moving and relocation in United States. They need highly robust & innovative software systems for their business. Having office locations in New York and New Jersey REO Allegiance undertakes goods moving contracts from leading banks. These contracts are then opened for bidding in an existing network of contractors. These contracts can be allotted to multiple bidders. REO staff oversees the contract status and takes care of billing, invoices, contract closure etc.

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Contract Management and ERP Software

A highly custom set of applications deployed for REO Allegiance take care of their core and secondary business activities. The contract management module application has three consoles: In house, client and contract interface.

The REO staff daily logs onto the contract management software system and sees all the pending tasks queued up. They then open these contracts for bidding in their network on contracts. They receive contract bids in real time and the contract is allotted based on the best bids. They can track the contract progress in real time. The client can also track the progress by logging in through the client console. Once the contract is completed, the system generates billing and invoices automatically.

The system is connected with REO Trans (A US wide contract Management Company) using web services. The contract management application fetches contracts from REO Trans engine in real time adding a major boost to contract volumes.

The existing IT set-up allows REO to handle as many as 500 contracts per day using few human resources.

REO Allegiance is a service oriented company. The service in this case is moving and relocation. REO offers these services to several corporate clients. Work is allotted in the form of contracts to REO, who further allocates it to multiple contractors in real time. All these processes are automated using a set of robust IT applications developed by iSummation technologies. Apart from this core business process several other organization modules are automated (like accounting, HR etc)

REO Allegiance is a classic example of a company that used innovative IT techniques to gain an edge over competitors and gain considerable market share by offering efficient and better service to customers. What started as a small 10 people company has grown more than 4 times in a span of 1.5 years. All company tasks are automated using smart IT software systems.