Services Level Agreements In Application & software maintenance

Service level agreement is an agreement between the service provider and the service receiver on what services will be provided and what are the acceptable standards of services.

Each area of service will have a defined level of services that has to acceptable to both the parties involved. In the case of IT software outsourcing, complete transfer of technology and business process takes place from the client premises to the outsourcing vendor. In this case some sort of acceptable levels of service need to established so that the client business functions smoothly and the vendor understands what is expected of him.

Based on the kind of services outsourced, the contents of the SLA vary. In a typical application maintenance SLA important points that are taken up are the availability timing of the resources. Other commonly discussed services are feature addition, error resolution, application training, code optimization, technology upgrades etc.

While these are the most commonly discussed features in outsourcing SLAs, other typical requirements may come like onsite visits, inspections etc.

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