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Websites are getting more complex with the online customers looking to perform most of the functions online. As a result the websites are not merely marketing platforms of the businesses but act as multi function applications. They perform business functions varying from being a helpdesk to an online booking platform to something like ordering.

With this shift in what is expected out of an application the website databases are now more functional with extensive records repository. They usually have various complex relations defined between the various parameters being used in the applications.

We provide website database development services to our clients. These websites are mini web software in themselves. The databases are custom databases with fields added as we per the requirements of the client business. We perform normalization, indexing and all other optimization services.
Apart from custom database development we provide database migration and integration services.

Our database design & development services

We offer custom database design and development services for web and desktop application. We develop and migrate applications to MS SQL 2008 database. You can outsource Database design and development projects to our offshore development centre in India. Other related services that we offer are

  • Application database development
  • Custom MS SQL database development
  • Migration to MS SQL 2008 database
  • Website database design services
  • Web application database development

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