Upgrade to MS SQL 2008

Listed below are key reasons to upgrade your database to MS SQL 2008.

There are significant enhancements like data and backup compression.
  • Query performance is enhanced
  • Database mirroring is available without modifying existing applications
  • Enhanced data encryption and database auditing capabilities within existing applications
  • Effectively manage growth data with performance data collection and policy based server management
  • New features like query governor and data compression make it more reliable for enterprise systems
  • Better and more powerful developer tools make it easy to develop databases
  • Reporting capabilities integrated with Microsoft Office applications for creation of enterprise reports without developer studio
  • Seamlessly upgrade possibilities with maintained compatibility
  • These are only some of the reasons why MS SQL 2008 can be a wise decision for your business applications. We provide database upgrade services to MS SQL 2008. You can consult us if this upgrade is the right step for your business.

Our database design & development services

We offer custom database design and development services for web and desktop application. We develop and migrate applications to MS SQL 2008 database. You can outsource Database design and development projects to our offshore development centre in India. Other related services that we offer are

  • Application database development
  • Custom MS SQL database development
  • Migration to MS SQL 2008 database
  • Website database design services
  • Web application database development

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