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Origin - How we came into being
Back in 1999 when internet & worldwide web were new a technology evolution growing rapidly, many young people were amazed and inspired to use the power of internet to develop the systems for the common people.With these objectives, Naveen & Naren, the two neighborhood friends entirely from different educational back ground formed "Cyber Info-Search Services" in the year 1999.


We are a group of like minded people who believe in leading rather than following. We have created a workplace where things get done and achievements get accolades. Thriving on strong systems we are an exemplary institution that will help you add weight to your resume.



  • Mobile Android Application now available for REO Allegiance contractors
  • iPhone Application Developed for REO Allegiance
  • iSummation starts Blog for Coldfusion Developers
  • iSummation Technologies develops Customized ACGME related software


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For sales enquiries please mail us at If you have any questions or comments for us at iSummation Technologies please contact us using this form.

Client Testimonials
Client Testimonials


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