Adding new font to PDF using CFDOCUMENT in RAILO

CFDOCUMENT is really useful tag for generating PDF report but client always need customization and need different font. ACF allow separate font management tab in ColdFusion administrator where you can add additional font that you want to use but unfortunately this feature not available on RAILO. While googling on this I have found feature already requested on RAILO bug tracker but yet not available. Also got Google group discussion where it was mention that how you can manually add font for CFDOCUMENT.

By Pritesh
Setup MURA CMS under subfolder on Railo Ubuntu

Recently I was working with site migration from windows to ubuntu server. Normally everything goes smoother except case sensitivity of file name. While working with window we never take care about file name case since it doesn't matter in window. Although we use standard for file naming but mistake will not reveal. After renaming file name accordingly everything work fine except one project. In this project I was running ColdBox framework in root folder for all kind of administrative work or business management and there was a folder /website which contain front public website. Front website running under MURA cms. When we move to RAILO and UBUNTU home page load correctly but rest of pages showing 404 error.

By Pritesh
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February 10, 2011
Running multiple instances of RAILO on tomcat.

Week ago I wrote blog about " Installing RAILO with Tomcat " this is what I have first time installed RAILO on my PC. After getting success in that I tried to run multiple instances of RAILO for different site and even single site. Below is step by step guide to create multiple instance of RAILO. Note: I assume that reader has already gone through my first blog on installing RAILO on Tomcat. Copy RAILO jar files into tomcat folder under "railojars". Open ...

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February 9, 2011
Installing RAILO Tomcat on windows step by step - part ii

In part-I I have explained how to configure RAILO with Tomcat where we copied all RAILO jar files into tomcat's lib folder. If you do not want to copy it into lib folder instead keep separate folder for RAILO, that also possible ...

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January 21, 2011
Installing RAILO Tomcat on windows step by step

Installing RAILO with Tomcat apache in window.

1. Download war version of Railo.

2. Download tomcat apache version.

Install tomcat (just extract zipped file) any location (In my case e:/apache). Now extract downloaded Railo's war file using winrar or 7zip in temprory folder.

Now copy all jar files from /WEB-INF/lib of extracted railo's folder and paste to tomcat lib folder (in my case e:/apache/lib). Open web.xml file from railo's /WEB-INF/lib folder and copy all servlet and servlet-mapping node to tomcat/conf/web.xml file. Copy index.cfm, index.cfml welcome-file to tomcat's web.xml file under welcome-file-list tag so it look like ...

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