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Four years ago I had several technology partners. Since the past 4 years I am working with iSummation exclusively. I have only positive things to say as their work is outstanding

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A highly custom set of applications deployed for REO Allegiance take care of their core and secondary business activities. The contract management module application has three consoles: In house, client and contract interface.

Contractors of REO Allegiance interact with the company through its web application. Contractor visits properties and takes photos. Once he comes back, he uploads them so that administrative team can review them, Besides Photo They need to create and submit documents, bids, and updates on their job work. This can be done through his desktop or Laptop.


In recent days I was getting an idea about the testing in coldbox. The testing tool that otrus solution provides is testbox. You can make test cases for unit testing, Handler testing and lot more...

A well documented help is available in coldbox site about testbox, Though Here I am writing only the from where and how to start the simple testcase for unit testing. Gredually I'll post the complex example for that and will discuss the handler testing as well.

I would like to share one of the cfsqltype issue that I face with Lucee CFML Engine.

Initially we use Railo as CFML Engine and recently we change it with Lucee and facing an MySQL query timeout issue. when I try to run that query into MySQL Workbench it works fine and quickly but the same query raises an error (Statement cancelled due to timeout or client request) on Lucee.